You may hear our staff using the words ‘Certified Pedorthist’… Then you may be asking, what in the world are these guys and gals talking about. Well, Pedorthics is the science and practice of evaluating, fabricating and delivery of footwear and foot orthoses to prevent or improve painful or disabling conditions of the foot and ankle caused by disease, congenital defect, overuse or injury.1 Easy right? Not so much…

We here at Shoe Solutions specialize in the Pedorthic evaluation for footwear aspects while maintaining a high competency in the design and fabrication of orthotics. All in all, we know what all the lumps and bumps on your orthotics are designed to do, and how properly designed footwear will help achieve goals. We work with all clinics local and distant, to work as a team to make sure that the patient’s needs are met and if possible exceeded. (Yes, that pain can go away!)

Pedorthist’s do NOT diagnose. Any diagnosing is to be done by either your family physician, a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, or really any other Doctor. Even with all the state of the art technology and knowledge of the staff at Shoe Solutions, we will never diagnose you. We will always refer you on to either your family doctor or local DPM’s (Podiatrists) if you require further evaluation for us to continue.










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