Shoe Solutions - Orthotics Calgary Location

Our Calgary Location is Open!

March 14, 2022

Spread the word, our second location is officially open! We have gone through every challenge with our Calgary location but we have persevered and we are thrilled to be open. We are so excited to expand and be able to serve people in a new city. We couldn’t have done it without our faithful supporters…

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Shoe Solutions - Physical Activity and Shoes

9 Benefits of Physical Activity and How We Can Help

February 7, 2022

 It’s been said a million times, and the research has proven it over and over again, physical activity is important to your health! Here’s our 9 favourite benefits of regular physical activity (in no particular order): It relieves stress It increases muscle strength It lowers blood pressure  It boosts energy levels It promotes better sleep It helps…

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Shoe Solutions - Achy Feet

3 Ways to Treat Achy Feet

January 3, 2022

After long days of standing, walking, running, etc. our feet often get exhausted! It is time we take back our foot health and treat the feet to the best of the best. At Shoe Solutions we offer, of course, solutions for and with shoes, but we also are well equipped to aid in foot pain…

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Shoe Solutions - Orthotics Customer Service

The Key to Exceptional Customer Service

December 6, 2021

I went to my regular barber a few months ago to get my hair done. My barber is fantastic! He is the owner of a small shop and knows me by name. He truly takes his time making sure everything is perfect. He takes the time to shape my beard with a straight razor and…

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Shoe Solutions - Athletic Shoes

Athletic Footwear: The New Business Attire

November 8, 2021

   When you think of business attire you naturally think of suits, dresses, sophisticated leather dress shoes or heels, etc. However, this is just one more thing that a global pandemic has changed. The world of athleisure escalated in 2020 and has expanded to include, what I like to call, athbusiness as well.          When the…

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Shoe Solutions - Foot Pain Assessment

How to Treat Plantar Fasciitis

October 25, 2021

 Are you experiencing pain in the bottom of your feet? If you Googled the symptoms and found the diagnosis of “plantar fasciitis”, you have now stumbled into the most common cause of heel pain (Singh, Angel, Bentley, & Trevino, 1997). Don’t fret, all hope is not lost! There are several things you can do to…

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Shoe Solutions - Shoe Modifications

A Shoe Fit for You

October 11, 2021

You found the perfect pair of shoes: they meet all of your work requirements, they are super stylish for everyday wear, and they’re supportive and high quality. There’s only one problem, they don’t fit quite right. Maybe they are slightly too snug in the toes or the bottom of your foot doesn’t feel good. You…

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Shoe Solutions - Buy New Shoes

When to Say Goodbye to Your Shoes

September 27, 2021

 Most people wish their products could last forever, especially if it’s a product they love. Unfortunately shoes are consumables with a set lifespan. For some people this lifespan is years and for others only months. Shoes are like tires; both have many factors that contribute to their wear and tear such as the original quality,…

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Shoe Solutions - 7 Reasons to Choose Merino Wool Socks

7 Reasons to Choose Merino Wool Socks

September 6, 2021

 Merino wool is an AMAZING material so with no further ado here are 7 reasons to choose merino wool in your next pair of socks.  Merino wool fibers have a natural crimp to them, allowing them to trap dead air and act as a natural insulator and a buffer against the cold. Merino wool fibers…

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Shoe Solutions - Blog Insoles Orthotics

Support for Every Foot

August 9, 2021

 The terms insole, orthotic and arch support are all used often in the world of footwear. It’s getting harder to find someone who doesn’t currently wear, or hasn’t in the past worn orthotics. But what is an insole? What is an orthotic? Are they all just the same? And who really needs orthotics? How to…

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