Shoe Solutions - Shoe Modifications

A Shoe Fit for You

October 11, 2021

You found the perfect pair of shoes: they meet all of your work requirements, they are super stylish for everyday wear, and they’re supportive and high quality. There’s only one problem, they don’t fit quite right. Maybe they are slightly too snug in the toes or the bottom of your foot doesn’t feel good. You…

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Shoe Solutions - Buy New Shoes

When to Say Goodbye to Your Shoes

September 27, 2021

 Most people wish their products could last forever, especially if it’s a product they love. Unfortunately shoes are consumables with a set lifespan. For some people this lifespan is years and for others only months. Shoes are like tires; both have many factors that contribute to their wear and tear such as the original quality,…

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Shoe Solutions - 7 Reasons to Choose Merino Wool Socks

7 Reasons to Choose Merino Wool Socks

September 6, 2021

 Merino wool is an AMAZING material so with no further ado here are 7 reasons to choose merino wool in your next pair of socks.  Merino wool fibers have a natural crimp to them, allowing them to trap dead air and act as a natural insulator and a buffer against the cold. Merino wool fibers…

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Shoe Solutions - Blog Insoles Orthotics

Support for Every Foot

August 9, 2021

 The terms insole, orthotic and arch support are all used often in the world of footwear. It’s getting harder to find someone who doesn’t currently wear, or hasn’t in the past worn orthotics. But what is an insole? What is an orthotic? Are they all just the same? And who really needs orthotics? How to…

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Blog Used Shoes

To Buy or Not to Buy Used Shoes- That is the Question

July 12, 2021

People love to get a good deal, which is why thrift stores, kijiji and swap and buy exist. It is tempting when you find a great deal to beat the competition by purchasing it immediately. But with something as important as your feet, when is it appropriate or inappropriate to purchase used shoes? That is…

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Blog Shoe Uppers

What is a Shoe’s Upper?

June 16, 2021

  Things are looking up this week as we talk about the top of the shoe, also known as the upper! There are some non-negotiable upper features and the upper is the primary contributor to the fit of a shoe, making this a crucial piece of selecting a shoe for you. Just like with the midsole…

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Blog Midsole

What is a Midsole?

June 2, 2021

Do you buy your shoes without knowing what they’re made of? At Shoe Solutions we thrive on educating our customers about footwear composition so they can make knowledgeable footwear decisions. The materials that make up your shoe are often overlooked in footwear shopping. However, this piece of information is crucial; knowing what the shoe is…

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Blog Sandal Season

A Sandal for Every Sole

May 26, 2021

We are on the precipice of the long-awaited time of year known to all as sandal season!!! Whether you associate with the socks-and-sandals crowd, or you’d rather show your toes so EVERYONE knows, this is an exciting time of the footwear year. Have you ever wondered why pedorthists are so busy in the fall? I…

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