3 Ways to Treat Achy Feet

After long days of standing, walking, running, etc. our feet often get exhausted! It is time we take back our foot health and treat the feet to the best of the best. At Shoe Solutions we offer, of course, solutions for and with shoes, but we also are well equipped to aid in foot pain and aches. There are several ways to take care of your feet that can improve your day-to-day life.      

Let’s start with the obvious treatment… shoes!

Ensuring you are wearing proper footwear for your daily activities can improve the foot’s health immensely. One thing to consider is indoor footwear. Wearing supportive sandals or slippers can not only relieve plantar fascia pain but also provide some cushion under the foot for hard surfaces such as hardwood and linoleum. Plus it can keep your feet toasty during those colder months. Check out one of our favourite pairs of slippers . 

Have you tried compression therapy?

Compression therapy is another aid for tired feet. The great thing about compression is that it comes in a variety of compression grades, materials and lengths. For hot days there are light cotton or light merinos wools that will keep the foot supported and cool. For winter there are compression socks with thicker wools and microfibres for warmth. With the various materials and styles, compression is an easy addition to any outfit! Personally I wear compression during my shifts at work and on high activity days such as hiking, lots of walking or travelling.

There are so many benefits of stretching

The third way to improve the state of your lower limbs is by stretching. Stretching your musculature signals the brain to bring blood flow to these areas. Lengthening the muscles reduces any tension resulting from activity. It is important to do stretching before activity and after, this improves muscle development and will reduce strain on the newly worked muscles. Before any activity, it’s better to warm up the muscles so the stretching is more movement-based. For example, high knees or rotating the ankles to bring more flexibility to the muscles and prepare them for elevated movement. Post-exercise it is better to hold stretches for roughly 30 seconds to a minute, this allows the lengthening I mentioned and improves range of motion. Areas to target post-activity are the calves, quadriceps, and hamstrings so you can ease any strain that the foot or ankle may have experienced. On top of stretching, adding in massage can improve blood flow and break up any scar tissue. 

These three practices are great to implement to help keep your feet healthy and happy. Not all are required, but in moments where you are feeling sore it’s great to have several tricks up your sleeve to resolve the issues! Not sure what’s going on with your feet?  with me! I would love to come up with a conservative treatment plan to help with any issues or pain you’re experiencing.

Choose the right orthopedic shoe according to your shoe size, but only after a custom consultation with a pedorthist. Choose the right material and cushion for support based on the advice of an orthopedic shoe expert. Visit our Calgary orthotics store to get a foot pain assessment.

Tanille Poirier, C.Ped & BSc. Kinesiology