5 Reasons You Could Want Foot Orthotics

You must have noticed athletes, marathon runners, and gym trainers wear shoe insoles. You may have just ignored them thinking these are for athletes, not people like you! This is a common misconception, it is not just athletes, ballet dancers or fashion celebrities who need to protect their feet. In fact, all of us do. That is why custom orthotics are a must for many of us.

Most of us do need custom shoe insoles not just for protecting our feet from wear and tear but also for treating certain medical conditions. In fact, there are many reasons why we all might need custom orthotics.

5 Reasons why you might need foot orthotics

Foot pain or knee Pain

Stabbing foot pain or throbbing knee pain? What many people usually do is grab a pain balm or pop a painkiller. But, this is not a great long-term solution and the pain will occur again. This is because of an underlying foot condition that causes the pain. This could be plantar fasciitis where the arch of the foot drops and applies extra pressure on the bottom foot ligament, or it could be due to osteoarthritis due to poor bone strength and unhealthy joints. The other reason could be metatarsalgia where there is pain under the pads of the toes.

Leg pain could be due to any of the above reasons or it could be due to the use of improper footwear. Whatever the reason may be, this pain can be easily cured by the use of custom orthotic inserts.  Consult the best foot specialist in Calgary and get a prescription for the right orthotics to relieve your pain.

Foot deformities

Is one of your shoes more worn out than the other? You probably have a foot deformity that you have been ignoring.

Most of us do not even know that we suffer from deformity of the feet. We might have flat feet, hammer toes, mallet toes, etc. Some of us might have extra outgrowths like corn or bunions. Some might even have bursitis discomfort or bursitis pain. This happens when the bursitis fluid-filled sacs are causing pain in the heel while walking or running. For bursitis or bunion treatment, the best solution is shoe orthotics.

Diabetic Neuropathy

Are you diabetic? If so, custom shoe insoles are a must for you. Diabetes can cause a burning sensation in the feet. This is actually due to damage to the nerve tissues of the feet and is called diabetic neuropathy.

Diabetes can also cause foot ulcers which take ages to heal. The best way to prevent diabetic foot ulcers is to wear soft insoles on your feet to help prevent any inflammation.

Foot orthotics are a must for diabetic foot care. Consult a good foot doctor along with a diabetologist and get the right orthotics for your diabetic feet.

Biomechanical foot issues

We have talked about joint pain and ankle pain, as well as foot abnormalities like bone spurs and flat feet. Aside from these foot conditions, there are other biomechanical foot issues that might warrant the use of foot orthotics.

Biomechanical issues of the feet are caused by incorrect body posture or worn movements. Excess pressure on one part of the foot due to the use of the wrong shoes or the wrong manner of walking might cause foot issues and immense pain.

Over-pronation or supination are some of these issues that need foot inserts for pain relief.

Bone pain

Most of us suffer from bone pain even without realizing it. Poor diet and age-related factors might cause bone strength deficiency and bone structure alterations. A broken bone or fractured bone, or a previous bone injury could also be the cause. Osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, or even bone cancer could be reasons for bone pain.

Instead of using addictive drugs or expensive orthotic devices, the use of orthotic insoles can be really effective and economical too.

There are a hundred more reasons why you might need custom orthotics. Right from asymmetrical weight distribution to foot and knee injuries, any of these conditions could cause or make the pain worse. It is always best to consult a foot doctor offering podiatry services and get a complete foot examination. Depending on your condition, the foot specialist will prescribe the type of orthotics you need.

Custom foot orthotics at Shoe Solutions are the best options for nonsurgical treatments with immense pedorthic care benefits and awesome benefits for your foot health.

Visit our Calgary orthotics store for your custom-made foot orthotics and live life a better way.