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Foot Pain Is Just The Beginning

Dealing with painful strides is just the start.

With every step you take, foot pain slows you down, gets in the way of work, life, play – all those movements that make you feel like you.

Left unchecked, foot pain can affect your quality of life and make you feel:

  • Like you’ll never be able to move like you used to
  • Frustrated and fed up that you can’t just “walk it off”
  • Confused about what to do to eliminate foot pain
Orthotic Assessment
Why Choose Shoe Solutions
Advanced Technology

The latest in hi-tech and custom foot health solutions

Personalized Service

One-on-one assistance for your unique needs

Exceptional Expertise

Help from highly trained, highly experienced specialists

Walk (run, jump, play) confidently with new orthotics

Orthotics are designed to help you regain control over your mobility. With the help of our specially trained pedorthists in Calgary you’ll gain proper foot health supports to move easier and perform better.

Our “Sit and Fit” process is simple and one-to-one:

We sit down with you, discussing your unique foot health concerns

We gently and professionally assess your feet and current footwear

We recommend custom orthotics specific to your foot health needs

Sit And Fit Orthotics
Hi! We're Shoe Solutions Calgary Highly trained orthopedic experts

With over 15 years of experience in the foot health industry, there’s not a foot we’ve met we haven’t helped yet!

We’re pedorthists, AKA foot alignment guides who analyze and determine unique foot health needs and recommend supports, bracing and other devices to alleviate pain and help you achieve greater mobility.

We are:

  • Canadian Certified Pedorthists
  • Footwear design, repair and modification technicians
  • Athletes and community members who help people maximize their mobility!
Ryan Boles

+1 735-747-5475

Ryan Boles

C. Ped
(Canadian Certified Pedorthist)

Pedorthic Footcare Association
Tanille Neufeld

+1 735-747-5475

Tanille Poirier

C. Ped
(Canadian Certified Pedorthist)

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Bs. Kin
(Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology)

Our Happy Clients

Since Ryan made my orthotics, my foot pain has decreased considerably. His passion for his work shows in all he does, from his knowledge shared, time spent, and interest shown, I can say that he does his level best to find a "shoe solution". He has even rebuilt my birkenstock sandals so that I can wear those again at intervals. I will continue to seek out Ryan's expertise for assistance with my podiatric health. Thanks, Ryan and team!

Myra Clark

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