7 Reasons to Choose Merino Wool Socks

 Merino wool is an AMAZING material so with no further ado here are 7 reasons to choose merino wool in your next pair of socks. 

  1. Merino wool fibers have a natural crimp to them, allowing them to trap dead air and act as a natural insulator and a buffer against the cold.
  2. Merino wool fibers are a very fine diameter. This makes them more flexible when pressed against the skin therefore preventing itchiness that’s often associated with other types of wool. 
  3. You can wear Merino wool socks for days without the need to wash them! Merino wool absorbs odour molecules and only releases them when washed. 
  4. Merino wool has natural elasticity which allows the wool fibers to easily stretch and then return to and maintain their original shape. 
  5. Merino Wool is fire-resistant! It typically won’t melt, drip, produce toxic smoke or burst into flame until temperatures reach in excess of 570℃. This makes merino wool socks an excellent choice ​​for those working in hot environments, for example welders.
  6. Most sheep are sheared at least once a year and often in the spring. Shearing a sheep can help them cool down and drop some pounds before the hotter weather comes. Depending on the type of merino sheep, they can produce up to 40 pounds of wool in a year. 
  7. Merino wool is also 100% sustainable. Merino wool is regenerative and it’s made up of proteins and amino acids which naturally break down in water and soil. Most breeds of sheep grow wool continuously which means as long as we have well-taken care of sheep we’ll continue to have good quality merino wool. 

      Shoe Solutions carries the Smartwool brand of Merino wool socks. Smartwool has dedicated themselves to producing industry leading merino wool socks for men and women in multiple styles, sizes and even fun colours and patterns. Smartwool has also partnered with the New Zealand Merino Company—which develops ZQ-certified wool—to ensure environmental, social, and economic sustainability while safeguarding animal welfare.

     From no show socks to hiking, cycling to mountaineering, Smartwool has a sock for just about every activity. Merino wool is a truly fascinating material. We’re proud to carry a brand that sources this material ethically and sustainably and uses it to produce superior products.  

Choose the right material based on the advice of an orthopedic shoe expert. Visit our Calgary orthotics store to get a foot pain assessment.

Chris McKenna, Calgary Store Manager

*Update: Shoe Solutions now creates their own brand (R.F.M.) of merino wool socks!! Check out the GOAT hiking sock.