A Sandal for Every Sole

We are on the precipice of the long-awaited time of year known to all as sandal season!!! Whether you associate with the socks-and-sandals crowd, or you’d rather show your toes so EVERYONE knows, this is an exciting time of the footwear year.

Have you ever wondered why pedorthists are so busy in the fall? I believe we can point the finger at the poor footwear decisions made during the summer. For the majority of Canadians, summer is the most active time of their year, and a large chunk of that time is spent in sandals. Over the past seven years as a Canadian certified Pedorthist, I have seen thousands and thousands of feet; the owners of those feet can be placed into one of two sandal categories.

  1. The fashion-over-function crowd. These are the valiant people who will endure foot pain in order for their sandal to complete their outfit. Let me tell “all ya sandal ladies, all ya sandal ladies” support is queen this season (not Beyoncé). You have never, and will never hear a foot specialist say, “sacrifice comfort for fashion”. Don’t get me wrong, everyone can have their two hour, dressy, flip-floppy sandal or heel that they wear to events and for quick errands. BUT, we need to be foot health focused for the rest of the time. There are actually many cute, comfortable and supportive sandals available at Shoe Solutions. A sandal with a solid structure (not easily bendable), cupped heel position and arch support will keep you on your feet all spring and summer long. Which will set you up to be foot pain free through the fall and winter months.
  2. Our second type are the SANDAL people. They own only two types of footwear, sandals and winter boots. These brave, fearless folk view their feet as warriors, and their sandals as beskar armour. It’s normal for their sandal-clothed feet to endure a 10 hour shift at work, followed by a 10K hike with only their sandals, their dog, and Mother Nature for company. The SANDAL people despise hot-feet and are oblivious to the hobbit-like appearance their feet may have developed over the years. If you can relate, please consider your feet a worthy investment and get supportive sandals for the activities you’re doing. Whether all-day-every-day or carrying you over that next mountain, there are sandals that will bravely step up to the challenge.  

      No matter your type, remember not all sandals are created equally, and just because a sandal is expensive doesn’t mean it is supportive. Make informed decisions based on your foot type and activity level. There is absolutely a sandal for every type of “sole” in this world, and we at Shoe Solutions can help you find it! for your customized fitting today. 

Custom Orthotic Shoe Inserts can help you live a more comfortable and active life by treating your foot pain, balance issues as well as leg alignment problems. Visit our pedorthic clinic in Lethbridge for custom-made orthotics that will fit perfectly to treat any type or severity level of discomfort!

Buy once, buy right.

Ryan Boles, C.Ped