A Shoe Fit for You

You found the perfect pair of shoes: they meet all of your work requirements, they are super stylish for everyday wear, and they’re supportive and high quality. There’s only one problem, they don’t fit quite right. Maybe they are slightly too snug in the toes or the bottom of your foot doesn’t feel good. You sigh to yourself in disappointment, put them back on the shelf and leave the store empty-handed thinking once again that your feet are impossible to fit. What if I told you there is still hope? Not only can those shoes work for you, but they could become the most comfortable pair in your closet!  

Shoes off the shelf are not customized to you specifically

Every pair of shoes are designed to fit the widest demographic of people. This is why shoes often need a break-in period for the material to give a little and mold to your feet. It’s hard to know if they will break-in to your liking or how long that will take. Instead of depending on a break-in phase that may or may not work for you, look to an insole and modifications to customize the shoe to fit your unique feet perfectly.  

I’m going to let you in on a secret, the insoles that come with your shoes are often not good. In fact, they are actually pretty poor even in the highest tiers of footwear. There are two reasons why they make them like that. First, quality insoles make the footwear more expensive. Second, everyone’s feet are so different it’s easiest to make a generic flat insole so it won’t cause problems for anyone. When you have a quality insole that is picked out for your feet specifically, whether it is a custom foot orthotic or over-the-counter insole, I can guarantee that you’ll have a much better experience in your shoes. Even if you don’t experience foot pain, an insole can make a huge difference in your shoe’s comfort level. It has to be specific for your foot type, so make sure you seek a professional who knows how to properly assess your feet. 

Sometimes even with the proper insole, the shoe might not feel quite right, especially in the upper. If you have a low instep the shoe might feel too sloppy. A narrow heel might cause the shoe to slip. A toe-box that is too narrow may press against a bunion. All of these issues can be easily addressed and fixed in our . A small pad can be installed under the tongue, or vamp, of the shoe to fix a low instep. A heel grip made of moleskin can be attached to the back of the shoe to fix the heel from slipping. Our industrial shoe stretcher can easily stretch leather, and some other materials, at least one width wider. A shoe stretcher can even target specific areas of the shoe for those bunions, hammertoes or tight areas. Don’t be satisfied with ill-fitting footwear.  

The perfect fit is possible

The biggest takeaway from this post is that you shouldn’t feel stuck if a quality pair of shoes that you love doesn’t feel good. There are lots of options at your disposal before you make the decision to donate or throw away your shoes. Each person has specific shoe needs for optimal comfort that cannot be met without an insole or modification. Make sure you pursue every option so that your shoes have the best fit and feel possible. Drop by Shoe Solutions or  to get your perfect fit today!

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 Tim Van Der Woerd, Fit Tech Manager