9 Benefits of Physical Activity and How We Can Help

 It’s been said a million times, and the research has proven it over and over again, physical activity is important to your health! Here’s our 9 favourite benefits of regular physical activity (in no particular order):

  1. It relieves stress
  2. It increases muscle strength
  3. It lowers blood pressure 
  4. It boosts energy levels
  5. It promotes better sleep
  6. It helps you enjoy the great outdoors
  7. It improves quality of life
  8. It improves mental health
  9. It increases positivity

One of the (many) reasons we love what we do at Shoe Solutions is that we get to help people increase their physical activity. No matter the activity level one of our goals with each client is to improve their mobility. So whether you’re a professional athlete, a dog-walker, or just need to get around your house with ease, we believe proper footwear can help. 

We provide the shoes, orthotics, socks, and/or accessories to help each client move pain-free which gives them the opportunity to increase their activity level. Which means we also get to help them reap the benefits listed above.

At Shoe Solutions we carry everything from orthopedic footwear like Cambrian and Propet, to athletic brands such as New Balance and Hoka, to hiking boots from Lowa and Oboz. Alongside our over-the-counter insoles, custom orthotics, and quality socks we are confident we can improve our customer’s mobility and keep them active.  

If anyone has a pair of shoes for their preferred physical activity that fit “just right” but are a little rough around the edges, stop by our Shoe Lab where our techs will be happy to repair, modify or customize any of your favourite footwear.

If you’re aware of a foot issue or just want to know the ins and outs of your feet, we have two certified pedorthists that can do a detailed gait analysis, range of motion test and assessment of your feet. They’ll work on a conservative treatment plan or preventative measures and set you up with the best footwear to keep you active and pain-free.  

Drop by, visit our Calgary orthotic store or book a fitting and take a step towards increased physical activity and increased health.  Get a free foot pain assessment for Calgary orthotics!

Chris McKenna, Calgary Store Manager